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Lower tax on unleaded AVGAS?

02 August 2009

The Swedish Government has assigned to the Swedish Transport Agency to investigare the conditions for an introduction of a Swedish environmental class for unleaded aviation gasoline.

An environmental classification of aviation gasoline opens up for a possibility to have different energy- and carbondioxide-taxes between gasoline tailored for road purposes and gasoline specifically tailored for use in aircraft.

Aviation Gasoline is currently in Sweden and the EU taxed the same regardless of its environmental qualities such as with or without lead, contents of biomaterial etc. .

The commission shall report to the Swedish Government not later than December 31 st 2009.

The order is signed by the Swedish Minister of Environment, the Hon.  Mr. Andreas Carlgren.

The Kingdom of Sweden is chairing the EU from July 1 st to December 31 st 2009.

Read more about the assignment in English in the file in the upper right corner. (translation from original document)

The original assignment in Swedish can be found at

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