Many years ago Hjelmco Oil formed a vision about the environmentally friendly General Aviation aicraft, operating on unleaded AVGAS, with low emissions and reduced noise.
For our work we chose the Piper PA 28 Warrior aircraft with a Textron Lycoming O320-D3G 160 HP engine, approved for AVGAS 91/96.
We introduced our second generation of unleaded AVGAS, the 91/96 UL in 1991 meeting all the parameters of the US aviation gasoline standard ASTM D910.
Together with FOCA the Swiss Civil Aviation Authority, and the German Space Agency Authority (DRL) we have conducted extensive emission tests of our unleaded AVGAS 91/96 UL. The data obtained show our AVGAS 91/96 UL to be superrior emissionwise to any traditional AVGAS 100 LL.
On the noise reduction side Hjelmco Oil certified a standard 4 blade Hoffmann Propeller together with a Liese muffler for reduction of noise.

A total reduction of noise of almost 65 % was achieved with no loss of performance. On the contrary a verified reduction in fuel consumption of  approx 8 % was obtained. The muffler and and propeller has a Swedish STC (supplemental type certificate) issued by the Swedish Civil Aviation Authority which is valid for all European Union.

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