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Hjelmco Oil was founded by Lars Hjelmberg in 1981 and is fully owned by the Hjelmberg family.
More than 90 % of the worlds piston powered aircraft engine manufacturers have authorized their engines to operate on Hjelmco Oil´s low toxic unleaded Aviation Gasoline.
Export in bulk is effectuated to many areas in the world
inclusive Japan.
Hjelmco Oil is the leading company in the world in unleaded and low toxic Aviation Gasoline.
We have more than a quarter of century of experience in making, marketing and distribution of unleaded and low toxic AVGAS.
Hjelmco Oil obtained nationwide distribution of unleaded AVGAS as early as 1981 and has maintained this all the time since then.
Our vision in Aviation Gasoline has been to eliminate lead and incorporate bio-material. We want to make low toxic, partly carbon dioxide neutral unleaded Aviation Gasoline suitable for all piston powered aircraft engines.
We are not there yet - but almost.

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