The Hoffman 4-blade propeller and the Liese muffler do reduce the noise from the Piper PA 28 Warrior by 7-8 db, or approx. 65 %. For the pilot these are great news with better
cock-pit environment and less vibrations in the aircraft.
For the neighbors around the airport -- the life is even better.
A demonstrated advantage with the propeller is that the 4 blades act as a "turbocharger" pumping air into the carburator.
The manifold pressure is confirmed to increase by
1,8 inches mercury allowing the aircrat to maintain 75 % power up to around 12000 feet.
The aircraft will not fly faster with more power -- but trottling back to approx. 120 knots TAS gives a demonstrated fuel reduction of approx. 8 %.
Trottling back even further to 100 knots TAS gives a
fuel consumption of  approx. 19 litres/hour.

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