Any future unleaded/leaded Aviation Gasoline will have to meet challenges in replacing highly leaded products proven to have done their job for almost 70 years. They must also be "environmentally" friendly, partly or fully carbon dioxide neutral, consist of components available world-wide and at a not higher price than current fuels.
Hjelmco Oil research is focused on bio ethyl tertiary-butyl ether (bio-ETBE), a component which does not attract water. Bio-ETBE in AVGAS can decrease dependance of traditional hydrocarbon components, introduce bio material, open up for partly carbon dioxide neutral emissions, reduce/eliminate lead and ozone depleeting scavenger substances, reduce flammability, increase storage stability, increase octane numbers and reduce/remove unhealthy/toxic aromatics.
Bio-ETBE is produced in most parts of the European Union and this is a prerequisite for good availability and fair prices to the end-user. 
Bio-ETBE is since 1995 approved by the US Federal  Aviation Administration as a component in autogas used for aviation purposes under various aircraft supplemental type certificates (STC).
Bio-ETBE AVGAS can be unleaded or leaded and meet current Aviation Gasoline standard the US ASTM D910 if ETBE was a certified component for AVGAS which it currently isn,t.

At the 2010 EAA Air Venture in Oshkosh in the USA, Cesar Gonzalez (retired and with decades of experience from Cessna) made a presentation on ETBE in AVGAS and described "The path to an unleaded high octane grade AVGAS"Hjelmco Oil is glad to share this presentation with the authorization of the Experimental Aircraft Association.

The PDF-file can be downloaded from the upper right hand corner.

Bio-ETBE AVGAS has high research costs and costs for certification and is somewhat more expensive than traditional AVGAS to produce.
Will politicians take their responsibility if the industry takes theirs?
Currently in the European Union an unleaded AVGAS must still pay taxes as a highly leaded product because the Commission has not yet put environmental qualities into their aviation fuel tax tariff systems in spite of several requests from the industry.

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