From the very beginning Aviation Gasoline was unleaded. Shortage of high octane material during the 1930:ies and evolution of piston aircraft engines required higher octane numbers.
Lead was found to be a very efficient octane booster.
But with lead each engine must have a lead scavenger.
Etylene-di-bromide was the solution which provided the necessary scavenge with minimum engine corrosion.
But lead is dangerous for living species and etylene-di-bromide is extremely toxic and an ozone depleeting substance promoting the green house effect.
In 1981 Hjelmco introduced unleaded AVGAS 80 UL which was extensively used in Sweden by the Royal Swedish Airforce. In 1991 our second generation of unleaded AVGAS was introduced, the AVGAS 91/96 UL.
Our unleaded aviation fuels have received worldwide attention.
But it is time for a change. Lead is not necessary in AVGAS and it is getting more and more difficult to handle a single leaded product in an unleaded environment.

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