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Unleaded AVGAS takes Europe with storm

09 October 2012

The introduction of unleaded AVGAS UL 91 in  Southern, Middle and Eastern Europe is advancing rapidly.

While Sweden with its Hjelmco unleaded AVGAS 91/96 UL is having 2+ decades of market penetration in Scandinavia  co-ordination with the aim of standardization is necessary between the regulating authorities, oil companies, engine and airframe manufacturers in the other parts of Europe incl. the USA for guidance in dying the fuel (colour of the fuel), colours used for labels/ posters at fuel pumps, information to customers/fuel users and more.

A second meeting of the European unleaded AVGAS group was recently held at Gatwik in the UK under the sponsorship of the UK Civil Aviation Administration.

The presentations from this meeting can be downloaded from the PDF at upper right hand corner.

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