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Hjelmco Oil conducts AVGAS Seminars on the west-coast of the USA

02 July 2012

Invited by the General Aviation Community in California, Lars Hjelmberg, CEO of Hjelmco Oil recently conducted two "AVGAS Seminars" on the west-coast of the USA. The meetings were held at Hiller Aviation Museum in San Carlos (just South of San Francisco) and Museum of Flying in Santa Monica (just West of Los Angeles).

During these meetings Lars Hjelmberg guided the audience through the Future of AViation GASoline and specifically the alternative routes that exist for introducing unleaded AVGAS into the USA.

The presentation included differences between automotive gasoline and aviation gasoline, the lead problem in the USA, how the lead problem in AVGAS was solved in Sweden, various scenarios the future for unleaded AVGAS might take, and who eventually will pick up the tab for the transition from a leaded aviation gasoline world to an unleaded one.

The piston aviation fleet is not homogeneous and a categorization was made with dividing the fleet into three groups where each one might need tailored solutions pending the route a future unleaded aviation gasoline will take in the USA.

Finally the success story of the Swedish unleaded AVGAS Hjelmco 91/96 UL was presented.

Hjelmco 91/96 UL is an unleaded aviation gasoline now in uninterrupted use in Sweden since 1991 by thousands of aircraft and flown during millions of flight hours.

The Hjelmco fuel is currently approved by piston aircraft engine manufacturers covering more than 90% of the entire piston aviation fleet.

The Future of Aviation Gasoline presentation given by Lars Hjelmberg can be downloaded from the upper right hand corner. 

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