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AVGAS producers - endangered species

14 May 2008

The number of AVGAS producers in the world is decreasing for each day and the knowledge how to make aviation gasoline is no longer widely available among oil companies.
In Europe there are only 4 production sites left  in
the Netherlands, France, and Sweden.
In the rest of the world the production sites are located as follows: 
North America: USA (11-12), Canada (4),
Asia/Pacific: Australia (2), Japan (1), China (1), Indonsesia (1),
South America: Brazil (1), Bolivia (1), Colombia (1), Chile (1), Curacao (1) and Trinidad (1).
In the recent 2 years 5 production sites have been closed in the USA.
There is no production in
Africa, Middle East, Pakistan, India, Burma, Thailand and all the way to the Pacific Ocean nor in Russia.
The only supplier of unleaded AVGAS in the world is Hjelmco Oil in Sweden.

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