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Sustainable Aviation Gasoline Alternatives

17 May 2010

Quite recently a thesis was presented in France for the International School of Management in Paris, a non-aviation business school, in the course of completing a Masters in Business Administration in International Business. The focus of the paper is on the U.S. market, but the issue is an international one. The author Marcellette Cloche is a pilot, not an engineeer nor a mechanic nor a petrochemcial engineer, and she wanted to make a short (abstract) summary and the full thesis accessible to the novice pilot who is curious about this thirty-year ongoing avgas saga. This thesis was accepted, the MBA granted, and the student graduated with honors.

Hjelmco Oil very much appreciate being permitted to make this fine document and its abstact available for its customers.

So enjoy and read:

Why Is There Lead In Fuel?

Why Take The Lead Out?


What’s A Drop-In Solution?

What Other Major Difficulties Are There?

What Sustainable Options Exist?

What Does The Future Hold?

How Can I Learn More? 





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