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FAA and PAFI process rejects proposed formulas for new unleaded AVGAS

15 October 2014

In June 2014 a consortium consisting of Air BP, Air Total and Hjelmco Oil jointly proposed to the US FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) and their PAFI process (Piston Aviation Fuels Initiative) eight different formulas of unleaded AVGAS to replace the current AVGAS 100 LL if and when this fuel no longer is available. (eng)

Among the eight unleaded candidates was for example one fuel made from well known gasoline components of ample world wide supply and of known cost. This fuel met existing Aviation Gasoline Standard ASTM D910 100 LL Table 1 requirements except for energy content and broader use of automotive components/additives. While the lower energy content could result in slightly higher fuel consumption, Hjelmco Oil view this as a minor issue for a drop in fuel to satisfy most AVGAS 100 LL aircraft. Cost was estimated in the range of +/- 10 % to current AVGAS prices.

It is with great disappointment Hjelmco Oil has noted that none of the different formulas have been accepted by the PAFI for further testing.

The FAA decision is published at

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