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Hjelmco Oil, BP and TOTAL jointly propose unleaded aviation gasoline for FAA evaluation

11 July 2014

A consortium consisting of Hjelmco Oil, BP and TOTAL have jointly proposed the FAA and their PAFI process (Piston Aviation Fuels Initiative) several formulas of unleaded aviation gasoline (AVGAS) to replace the current leaded standard fuel AVGAS 100 LL when eventually gasoline in the future has to be provided without lead.

Until a replacement of leaded AVGAS 100 LL has been approved and certified the consortium continues to support the availability of AVGAS 100 LL.

The formulas from the consortium proposed to the FAA include unleaded aviation gasoline with octane numbers up to 100 MON.

The consortium holds extensive knowledge in the field of aviation gasoline.

  • TOTAL supplies  AVGAS 100 LL mainly in Europe and Africa  and  in addition unleaded grade UL91 in France, UK, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Austria since 2011.
  • BP is a world-wide supplier of AVGAS 100 LL, 100/130 and in addition unleaded grade UL91 in the UK.
  • Hjelmco Oil supplies in addition to AVGAS 100 LL also unleaded grade 91/96 UL and has been providing unleaded aviation gasoline on the Scandinavian market for more than 33 years.


A link to the press-release from the FAA is provided below:


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