Hjelmco Oil  unleaded AVGAS 91/96 UL is an unleaded AVGAS carrying the recognition by the major aircraft engine manufacturers Textron Lycoming, Teledyne Continental and Rotax.  More than 90 % of the entire piston powered General Aviation fleet of the world  is certified to use Hjelmco AVGAS 91/96 UL. Our unleaded Aviation Gasolines have been recognized by EASA, the European Aviation Safety Agency in their SIB 2010-31. The SIB can be downloaded from the upper right hand corner. Our 91/96 UL fuel is also recognized by Cessna in their Service Letter SEL-12-01 dated May 22 2012, see upper right hand corner.
Hjelmco AVGAS 91/96 UL is a low toxic fuel free from benzene, (contents around 0,00 vol %, and almost free from n-hexane (contents around 0,1 vol. %) .
Benzene is a carciogenic agent and n-hexane is a development-, neuro-, reproductive- and respiratory toxicant. 
Hjelmco AVGAS 91/96 UL is transparent to AVGAS 100 LL with no changes to engine or airframe -  just top the aircraft and fly, i.e. a drop in fuel. AVGAS 91/96 UL is approved to be mixed with AVGAS 100 LL and vice versa. It has been used for millions of flighthours in thousands of aircraft during almost every possible flight condition duirng more than 20 years. We have more than three decades of experience in producing unleaded AVGAS.
Hjelmco AVGAS 91/96 UL exceeds the performance of Hjelmco unleaded AVGAS 80/87 UL no longer in production and is preferred to leaded AVGAS 100 LL in Teledyne Continental AVGAS 80/87 engines.
Hjelmco AVGAS 91/96 UL meets ASTM D910 for grade AVGAS 91/98 but does not contain any lead nor any colorant. It also meets and exceeds the requirements of AVGAS UL91 as per US standard ASTM D7547.

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