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Unleaded AVGAS 100 UL based on Bio-ETBE seeks political support

21 April 2009

Cleaner fuel for General Aviation. Recession is temporary but the environment is forever. European General Aviation could easily reduce its negative impact on the environment but the pumps must first be primed with a new approach to taxation.

Read Brendan Gallagher´s article in the Eurocontrol, EBAA and IAOPA Yearbook 2009: the business of flying where a new unleaded AVGAS 100 UL from Hjelmco Oil seeks political support before it can be introduced into the market. The article can be downloaded from the top right corner.

The full Yearbook 132 pages can be accessed via the external link.

EUROCONTROL, EBAA AND IAOPA YEARBOOK 2009  is published by Newsdesk Communications Ltd 

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