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Cessna recognizes Aviation Gasoline Hjelmco 91/96 UL for use in 23.500+ Cessna aircraft.

03 June 2012

Cessna Aircraft Company has May 22 2012 in Service Letter SEL-12-01 recognized unleaded AVGAS Hjelmco 91/96 UL for use in 23.500 Cessna 172 aircraft.

In the Service Letter, the aircraft producer provides as a convenience to owners and operators of aircraft Cessna 172 cross reference of airplane models associated with engines produced by Textron Lycoming.

The Service Letter can be downloaded from the link at the upper right hand corner.

In addition to this Service Letter, a large number of older Cessna 172 aircraft equipped with engines produced by Rolls Royce/Continental and certified to use AVGAS 80/87 have been recognized in the 1980:ies to use unleaded AVGAS provided by Hjelmco Oil. The reason for this is that unleaded AVGAS Hjelmco 91/96 UL also meets and exceeds the requirements of old AVGAS 80/87 as per US standard ASTM D910 issue 1981.

Now more operators and owners of the most popular general aviation aircraft in the world, the Cessna 172, may enjoy flying on unleaded AVGAS from Hjelmco Oil.

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