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EASA issues SIB for extended use of unleaded Aviation Gasoline Hjelmco AVGAS 91/96 UL

09 November 2010

Each pilot in command is obliged to secure that the fuel he uses is listed in the operating manual of the aircraft. (Pilot Owner Handbook). There may be many reasons why an aircraft producer does not list all the fuels the aircraft engine manufacturer approves. The aircraft producer might not even be in business any more. In order to solve such problems EASA, the European Air Safety Agency has published SIB 2010-31 (Special Airworthiness Bulletin) recognizing unleaded Aviation Gasoline Hjelmco AVGAS 91/96 UL and Hjelmco AVGAS 91/98 UL.

The EASA SIB 2010-31 can also be downloaded from the upper right hand corner.

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