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12 May 2010

The ash cloud with particles from the Icelandic volcano Eyafjallajokull is constantly moving and expanding pending actual winds.

For a current update with graphical maps info the enclosed links to the London Met Office are recommended where updated forecasts of areas where the ash is present and the concentrations are shown.

A continuation of the volcano eruption in Iceland might eventually lead to prolonged closures of major parts of the European and European/Asian airspace for turbine powered aircraft and the eruptions may well continue during all 2010.

In 2000 a NASA 4-engine jet-aircraft, a DC-8 on its way to Kiruna in Sweden for ozone measurements at 37000 feet when flying through high cirrus clouds inadvertently for 10 minutes entered a volcano ash/dust from the volcano Hekla in Icleland. Particle sizes were of 1-10 microns. The dust was embedded in ice crystals. A NASA report is available from the upper right corner of this page. 

Here the link to the London meteorological office. Select one of the desired maps. They are updated every 6th hour. These maps show ash penetration from surface (SFC) up to Flight Level (FL) 200, from FL 200 up to FL 350 (= 35000 feet in standard atmosphere).

For a map containing ash concentrations please go to: These maps show ash concentrations  from surface (SFC) up to Flight Level (FL) 200, from FL 200 up to FL 350 (= 35000 feet in standard atmosphere) and from FL 350 up to FL 550. Please note: Material from the London Met Office are covered by copyright. © British Crown copyright 2011, the Met Office 


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