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Lead free AVGAS 100 LL replacement cleared in material compatibility tests.

10 February 2010

Aerazur, Aerosafety & Technology a part of Zodiac Aerospace in France has in material compatibility tests cleared Aviation Gasolines Hjelmco Oil AVGAS 91/96 UL and prototype bioethanolether Hjelmco AVGAS 95 ULE (unleaded replacement of leaded AVGAS 100 LL) for use in their standard flexible nitrile reinforced polyamide light weight fuel tanks.

It was found that aviation gasoline fuels in general  are more aggressive than a standard aviation kerosene type JET-A1 fuel but that Hjelmco AVGAS 91/96 UL and Hjelmco AVGAS 95ULE are equivalent in this respect to standard AVGAS 100 LL.

AVGAS fuels are used in piston powered gasoline aircraft engines and JET-A1 fuels are used in diesel aircraft and turbine aircraft powered engines.

Their report in abbreviated form is found in the upper right corner.

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