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Hede, ESNC, now has both unleaded and leaded AVGAS

12 June 2013

Hede airport, ESNC, with 1100 meters of concrete runway and wonderfully located in the centre of Sweden has now received Hjelmco unleaded AVGAS 91/96 UL. Together with Hjelmco AVGAS 100 LL Hede is now well prepared to serve both small and large aircraft which will visit Hede and the Vemdalen area as well as aircraft on its  way en route betwen southern and northern Sweden.

Hede airport has a fully licensed restaturant and is open daily during he months of  June - August.

There are no landing or parkings fees for visiting aircraft.

On the picture below is Mr. Ragnar Dillner, the airport manager of Hede.Hede now with unleaded and leaded AVGAS

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